Dynamics 365 Reporting Extensions and SQL Server 2017 incompatibility

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I came across a strange issue when trying to upgrade CRM deployment to Microsoft SQL Server 2017. Important note: It is not listed as a supported version https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh699754.aspx And here is probably why. Everything went smooth until I tried to reinstall Dynamics 365 Reporting Extensions via SetupSrsDataConnector.exe. Since SQL Server 2017 we have a standalone installer of Reporting Services. It configures SSRS instance differently but I could find why Reporting Extensions wizard fails to locate it. I had even tried to use XML config to pass the instance parameters to the SetupSrsDataConnector.exe directly. After successful installation SrsDataConnector wizard was unable to locate my SSRS instance. Without correct setup of SrsDataConnector environment checks will fail when you try to provision a new organization or import an existing one. You can set a flag in registry to ignore the errors if you are ok to proceed without reporting services. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSCRM DWORD IgnoreChecks = 1 It will let you create an org but I wasn’t able to import or upgrade existing ones due to errors during the process. Only solution was using SQL Server 2016 end installing Reporting Services using the classic server installer.



Did you install SQL Server 2016 for Reporting Services purposes only and kept SQL Server 2017 for CONFIG and Org databases or did you uninstall SQL Server 2017 completely?

Tomas Prokop

Hi Erik, I think it should work since it will be able to detect the Reporting instance. I haven’t tried this.

Daniel Martins

Indeed you need a version 9.0.3 or higher so you need to patch the Reporting Extensions installer “on the fly”. This explains why and how to do it: https://blog.hshilling.com/Blog/post/dynamics-365-v9-srs-data-connector-and-sql-20171

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