Integration tests with Table Storage in Azure DevOps

We need database so we need SQL Server. How many times have you heard this nonsense? There are many alternatives to traditional relation databases that are more suitable for some use cases. One of them is Table Storage. In this article, I will show you how to test your code that is using Table Storage in your Azure DevOps CI pipeline.

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Logic App in a multi tenant environment

Since 2018 I am playing with Logic Apps. All that time I have been thinking about the best approach for authentication and authorization. There are certain scenarios where the standard approach (OAuth2, basic, static API key) are not ideal. Consider sending REST API call to someone else’s Azure Active Directory. You can use HTTP with Azure AD, but you need to have someone’s username and password, which is not the nice way of doing this.

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Internal NuGet feed with Azure DevOps (VSTS)

Imagine you have some tools or a framework you want to share with your company and reuse it on various projects. If you develop your tool in .Net standard, then you are in luck. Creating a NuGet package has never been easier.

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Logic Apps foreach and variables

Sometimes we need to work with a variable inside a loop section. Whether it’s a precomputation or just a helper variable. Logic Apps allows us to do so. Yet the variable must be initialized on a global level (above all loops).

Here comes the problem:

By default, foreach runs in parallel, in 20 threads (instances). Now, because there is no such thing as mutex in Logic Apps, there is no way how to create a critical section. Critical section is a section only one thread at a time can enter. That results in dirty reads.

We can solve this problem by running the loop synchronously. You can do that by editing settings of the foreach block.

Now only one thread at a time will execute the foreach loop and no other thread will modify our variable while we work with it.

Zabezpečte vaše webové aplikace jednoduše pomocí Azure App Service Authentication

Zabezpečte jednoduše vaší aplikaci bez nutnosti většího zásahu do backendu. App Service Authentication vám pomůže zabezpečit váš web nebo mobilní aplikaci. Toho je dosaženo prostřednictvím federované identity. Uživatel se tedy nepřihlašuje oproti vaší aplikaci, ale je přesměrován na třetí stranu (poskytovatele identit), která jej přihlásí a následně je uživatel přesměrován zpět. Vaše aplikace tedy nemusí uchovávat údaje o identitě uživatele. Pro přihlášení do vaší aplikace si můžete vybrat více poskytovatelů identit.

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