Common Data Service Solution Development – Best Practices


I started with series of articles about managed and unmanaged solutions from the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) perspective. You can find the first about merging forms and layering views here, and the second about missing dependencies here. I was thinking about the next topic in the managed vs. unmanaged series and decided to start over with best practices for CDS (Common Data Service) in general.

I just want to state one thing. We are ISV. We build and endorse managed solutions and these best practices are our own based on the documentation from Microsoft and implementations of customer projects.

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Merging Forms and Views – managed vs unmanaged (Microsoft Power Platform and CDS)


If you are developing Model-driven app (business application) above the Microsoft Power Platform and you want to follow the best practices, you should deliver your complete solutions (zip packages) as managed solutions to all downstream environments.

Your goal should be to deploy your Model-driven app through AppSource. To achieve that, your app should be separated in smaller packages that can work on their own. For better understanding let’s say, that your app is separated in three main groups.

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