Solution Import Failure Message: Cannot add a Root Component 80

Have you tried to upload your own solution containing a model driven app into your environment, but for some unexpected reason, you got a very non descriptive error that the solution just cannot be uploaded, and only after a closer inspection, you discovered that the solution cannot add Root Component of type 80 because it is not in the target system?

I know I did, and here is how I fixed the problem.

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Merging DLLs in the new csproj project format (excluding specific NuGet packages)


There’s no breakthrough in this blogpost… It’s just to show you how does the new .csproj look like, what basic things can be done in msbuild and how-to setup ILRepack for common data service painlessly.

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Quick Troubleshooting Tip: Workflow Activity Exception ‘Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException’

System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Type is not resolved for member ‘Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException’

If you ever run into this exception without any trace available it is most likely not like it seems. Microsoft’s internal wrapper for launching CodeActivity catches it and ignores your trace log entries. So if your code throws this exception the platform treats it like internal exception. It is probably because it serializes parameters for CodeActivity into JSON and this process can produce the same exception (in Microsoft’s internal code).

Historie Dynamics CRM / CE / 365 for Sales

Jako základ pro další články a informace o platformě považuji za nezbytné, abych přiblížil historický kontext a vývoj platformy, která dnes stojí za službou Common Data Service a jistě ji čeká další velká budoucnost, protože byla zvolena jako základ pro budoucí business aplikace Microsoftu a stejných způsobem je otevřená jako stavební základ pro nás a různé aplikace třetích stran.

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