Override the default open behavior of data rows in an entity-bound grid

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Hello there, fellow power platform customizers/developers! Have you tried to override the default open behavior in subgrid and failed?   What I’ve found in my research: Documentation by Microsoft says: “You can now create a command definition for an entity with Mscrm.OpenRecordItem as the value of the Id attribute ( (RibbonDiffXml)), and define custom action for the command (RibbonDiffXml). Customer Engagement will look for this command Id for an entity when you try to open a record from the entity-bound grid, and if present, will execute the custom action instead of opening the entity record (default behavior).” IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is supported only for Unified Interface. Did this. No luck. What now? Google… I found only one related article/discussion: [https://community.dynamics.com/crm/f/117/t/254488](https://community.dynamics.com/crm/f/117/t/254488) Where you can get more concrete visualization about how it should look like. But nobody has tried it on the new UUI.   So, I had this snippet:


This element is in customization.xml for each Entity.   Although we followed every step of documentation, this wasn’t working. I was stuck, because no one had the solution on the internet and that’s why I’m writing this blogpost, so that you don’t find yourself in similar situation.   Solution: What documentation doesn’t say (written on 2018/12/04) is that you need to add another element to your customization.xml. You need to add . So, the snippet should look like this:


  Now import your solution and don’t forget to publish all customizations…   Happy PowerPlatforming!

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