Override the default open behavior of data rows in an entity-bound grid

Hello there, fellow power platform customizers/developers! Have you tried to override the default open behavior in subgrid and failed?


What I’ve found in my research:

Documentation by Microsoft says: “You can now create a command definition for an entity with Mscrm.OpenRecordItem as the value of the Id attribute (<CommandDefinition> (RibbonDiffXml)), and define custom action for the command <Actions> (RibbonDiffXml). Customer Engagement will look for this command Id for an entity when you try to open a record from the entity-bound grid, and if present, will execute the custom action instead of opening the entity record (default behavior).”
IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is supported only for Unified Interface.

Did this. No luck. What now? Google…

I found only one related article/discussion: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/f/117/t/254488

Where you can get more concrete visualization about how it should look like. But nobody has tried it on the new UUI.


So, I had this snippet:

This <RibbonDiffXml> element is in customization.xml for each Entity.


Although we followed every step of documentation, this wasn’t working.

I was stuck, because no one had the solution on the internet and that’s why I’m writing this blogpost, so that you don’t find yourself in similar situation.



What documentation doesn’t say (written on 2018/12/04) is that you need to add another element to your customization.xml. You need to add <CustomActions>. So, the snippet should look like this:


Now import your solution and don’t forget to publish all customizations…


Happy PowerPlatforming!

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