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From time to time, when you start Office 365 trial with Exchange Online license, after some time you happen to be cut off from email communication and you get this NDR: Remote Server returned 550 5.7.708 Service unavailable. Access denied, traffic not accepted from this IP.

It happens when the tenant is in trial version or after you pay for a full license, and it is caused by temporarily used IP addresses which are not trusted, therefore get blocked sometimes.

The solution is very easy, you just need to create a ticket in Office 365 Admin portal of the tenant and support will unblock it.

It takes up to 24 hours to start working but usually it’s faster, it can be an hour or even half an hour.

After unlocking, you should consider buying a full license as soon as possible because as long as you are in the trial you may get blocked again.



Hi! Great to know it. I was doing a test lab of a hybrid migration using a trial license suscription (teams exploratory) and I was getting this error.


2 years down the line…. I was tearing my hair out with this, now I’ve read thisI know the issue. Thankyou :)


What if you do not have an IP address (e.g., Office 365)? Or how does one find the IP address of the Office 365 mail server being used to send out the email?

Jan Hajek

Hello Mike, what do you mean - can you please describe your mail flow, what is going on? Eventually - reach out to me via an e-mail - jan.hajek@thenetw.org

Nicholas John Grace

Bought a licence and still not working any ideas I have moved the user across to the new licence as can now see it went from Business premium trial to Business standard but still having a moment where it is coming and going from sending could this be to do with the requirement for 24 hrs to pass

Edward Gutman

I’m having issues with this right now. I had temp licenses and bought the full licenses. It still is not working. And Microsoft support doesn’t have a clue how to clear it.

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