Azure Logic Apps SQL Connector strikes again

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Working with Azure Logic Apps SQL Connector can be tricky sometimes, especially if you work with datetime and OData queries.

The problem

I was fetching rows from a specific table, based on their timestamp. So I wrote a simple OData query: change ge 2020-05-12T15:17:43.1729282Z. And to my surprise it didn’t work.

The mystery

The most annoying part of this problem was that I didn’t know what went wrong. I received following error: “BadRequest. Http request failed: the content was not a valid JSON.”

Wait a minute… Did I send the invalid JSON or I received invalid JSON? Who knows. So anyway I started experimenting and noticed, that when I stop sending the OData query, it returns correct JSON. So it must be it right?

The solution

And truly, you cannot compare datetime(s) this way. Or at least not when using Azure Logic Apps SQL Connector. My query had to be adjusted to a little bit ugly format.

Old Query: change ge variables('Timestamp')

New Query: ((year(change) ge year(@{variables('Timestamp')}) and month(change) ge month(@{variables('Timestamp')}) and day(change) ge day(@{variables('Timestamp')}) and hour(change) ge hour(@{variables('Timestamp')}) and minute(change) ge minute(@{variables('Timestamp')})))

As you can see I had to compare every part separately and that solved my issue.

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