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Since the recommended way to use Microsoft Teams on your is using the desktop app, most of the users expect some difficulties accessing the app via browser. Not all the functionalities (usually in meetings) or browsers are supported (e.g. from November 30, 2020 Teams web app no longer supports Internet Explorer 11). Find more information about this topic here.

Some might come to conclusion that using desktop Teams app provides you the full experience, however, more accurate would be saying it provides you the best experience. Surprisingly, there are some functionalities you can find only in the Teams mobile app. So in order to save your time looking for them anywhere else, here are the two most significant ones:

Switching among accounts

Teams desktop app still allows you only to switch your tenant and tenants where you are added as a guest (using the same account). If you need to use multiple accounts, you should do so in Teams mobile app where this functionality is available.

For using more Teams accounts on your computer, we recommend to open Teams in web browser alongside the desktop app even though the experience is not the same.

In February 2021 Microsoft will add a possibility to be signed up with one work/school account alongside with one personal account. The option for more work accounts will hopefully follow soon.

Replying to specific messages in chat

You might have noticed that in Teams mobile app you can answer to specific message in private chat simply by sliding them. This functionality is used among many chat platforms and greatly improves orientation in conversations. Yet in Teams, again, only in mobile version, you will not be able find it in web nor desktop app. The good news is Microsoft has already announced that support for replying to a specific message for desktop is on the backlog.

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